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What is the warranty of your painting job?
Prolocal painters provides a 24 months warranty on our manhandling service on all areas except floors, roofs and handrails which we provide for 12 months. Do note, the paint has its separate warranty given by the manufacturer.
When Does My Quote Expire?
Your quote has validity based on the type of services you have asked for. On commercial or residential services, you get the quote for 2 months. For corporate body service, the validity is for 12 months.
Is The Paint Used By You Of Genuine Quality?
We use the best quality product for the painting service from the market. If certain parts from your house require special paints, we make sure we use it.
What If I have My Preferred Colour Brand?
Customer satisfaction is our prime priority. If you are satisfied with the paint being used, we will willingly use it for the painting process.
We provide A Quick, Simple And Obligation-free Quote