Body Corporate

On top of basic commercial and residential painting packages, our team can also accommodate Body Corporate painting for all interested clients.

To help maximize your budget, we offer painting and maintenance services in our Body Corporate packages. This means that in addition to painting jobs, you also get assistance in building repairs to keep your building well-maintained.

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Strata Works and Body Corporate

If you are in the strata business, every single thing becomes large-scale. From the design and construction down to painting and maintenance. You are also doing the work for more than one unit, which means everything is multiplied by how many buildings, unit complexes, or apartments there are.

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Why choose Flexcoatings?

Flexcoatings is a company that specializes in residential and commercial painting services within the Queensland area. We have been in the business for years, providing body corporate assistance to clients in the strata industry.

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If you are interested in any of our services, feel free to connect with us through our hotline and this website.