If you can’t commit to something long-term, how about a temporary solution instead?

Flexcoatings also offers a wallpaper installation service that is also perfect if you’re the type to get tired of one color easily. Choose from a wide selection of wallpaper designs available and we’ll take care of the installation and removal for you. Call us to set an appointment.

Wallpaper Installation and Removal

There are times when homeowners are not ready to commit to a long-term design solution such as painting the walls of the house, their shop, or office space. This is usually the case when they do not have the budget but would like to breathe new life to their homes or when they are still renting out a unit and are not authorized to make some permanent changes.

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Why choose Flexcoatings?

Flexcoatings is composed of employees who are experts in wallpaper installation and removal. This is one of the areas that we specialize in, so you can be sure that we will deliver exceptional results. Our team members are backed by years of training and professional experience, which we are extremely confident in.

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Our hotline is open to take your calls for inquiries and no-obligation quotation requests. Feel free to connect with us so we can answer all your questions and arrange a schedule for a more thorough discussion on the project.